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Catch a Star Academy Launches New School in Denver Metro Area

Liz Wright

Mar 21, 2022

The first and only school in Aurora for children who are behind in elementary grade levels

Catch a Star Academy announced today the establishment of their non-profit school, which provides elementary school children who are struggling in their studies with individualized learning programs designed to help them reach new heights. Catch a Star Academy is the first and only school in Aurora whose sole purpose is to advance the skills of children who are behind in their grade levels, because they believe every child has the potential for a bright future.

Catch a Star Academy focuses on building a solid foundation of elementary education for grades 4 and 5 using a transformational education program called Ready. Set. Reach!, which combines proven methods with a unique set of individualized learning techniques developed by experienced teachers.

Struck by the inequities of our education system and the further disparities resulting from Covid school closures, Co-founder and long-time education non-profit board leader Liz Wright felt the urgent need to create an environment where children could make great academic gains in a compressed time frame. Joined by her sister, Mandy Arsaga, a seasoned business professional, the school began to take shape in 2021. “Instead of pulling kids out of class for extra help throughout the school day,” says Liz, “or relying on after school tutoring, which can be tiring for kids and expensive for parents, we decided to think ‘outside the box’. Why not create a safe and supportive place where everyone is focused on catching up, and where individualized instruction can ensure great gains during the school day, leaving plenty of time each day for kids to be kids?” Liz and Mandy have created that place in Catch a Star Academy.

Another important aspect of the school is that it’s a “micro school,” meaning that it is small and is intended to stay that way. “Micro schools are often much more effective when it comes to helping students learn,” says Mandy. “Micro schools keep learning personal. By preserving a small scale, our teachers can make day-to-day decisions that respond to the needs of each child. Our students can develop strong relationships with peers and teachers, and we’re able to tailor instruction to meet the needs of each student while also encouraging all students to meet higher expectations.”

Catch a Star Academy is enrolling grades 4 and 5 for the 2022-23 school year, opening its doors in August. “We're welcoming new students now,” says Liz. Catch a Star Academy offers families an affordable alternative for their children’s education. Through partnerships with generous donors, the school is committed to providing a low-cost, high-quality education for children from all backgrounds. “We are thrilled to bring an innovative learning option to the Aurora community,” adds Mandy. “Bright futures begin here.”

About Catch a Star Academy

Catch a Star Academy is a non-profit, independent elementary school created specifically for children who are behind in their grade levels. To ensure students get the attention they need, we offer a low student-teacher ratio and individualized learning. Our teachers focus on helping students master reading, writing and math, the building blocks of all other subjects. When students complete their studies at Catch a Star Academy, they are prepared for middle school and beyond, positioning them with both the knowledge and the confidence for future academic success.

For more information, visit or call (303) 800-3326

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