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About Our School

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Our Mission

Together, we can give Colorado’s children in need a supportive space to master the foundations of elementary education, preparing them for lifelong learning and a bright future. 

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Welcome to Catch a Star Academy! We started Catch a Star Academy because we believe in a bright future for every child through the power of education. 


Instead of pulling kids out of class for extra help throughout the school day, or relying on after school tutoring, which can be tiring for kids and expensive for parents, we decided to think "outside the box." Why not create a safe and supportive place where everyone is focused on catching up, and where individualized instruction can ensure great gains during the school day, leaving plenty of time each day for kids to be kids? Catch a Star Academy is just that place.


At Catch a Star Academy, we know that all children have the potential to master reading, writing and mathematics, and we created our program to ensure that they do. Catch a Star students also have plenty of time to explore the world, whether it’s curling up with a book in our reading library, running around on the playground, or getting dirty in our garden; we reinforce learning inside and outside the classroom.


Our incredible teachers know how to inspire children, meeting them at their level and challenging them to reach new heights. When it is time for our students to transition to middle school, they will be confident, eager learners, ready to tackle the rigor of middle and high school classes.


Do you have a child who is struggling in elementary school? Our small-school setting allows close relationships with students, families and teachers, creating a loving, respectful environment where all — including your child — will thrive. Bright futures begin here at Catch a Star Academy.

Co-founders Liz Wright & Mandy Atkinson


Who We Are

Catch a Star Academy provides elementary school children who are struggling in their studies with individualized learning programs designed to help them reach new heights.

We are the first and only elementary school in Aurora whose primary purpose is to advance the skills of children who are behind in their grade levels, because we believe every child has the potential for a bright future.

Catch a Star Academy focuses on building a solid foundation of elementary education. With mastery of reading, writing and math, our students are prepared to succeed in middle school and beyond.

Recognizing the long-term consequences of falling behind in elementary school, Catch a Star’s transformational education program, Ready. Set. Reach!, allows students to catch up with their peers, and gives them the confidence to thrive in the school years ahead. 

Catch a Star Academy is a non-profit independent school, offering families an affordable alternative for their children’s education. Through partnerships with generous donors, we are committed to providing a low-cost, high-quality education for children from all backgrounds.

A Small School For Big Change

Our school is small, and we’re going to keep it that way. Why? Because "micro schools" keep learning personal. By preserving a small scale, our teachers can make day-to-day decisions that respond to the needs of your children.


Small schools make a difference! 

  • ​Your child will develop strong relationships with peers and teachers

  • We will tailor instruction to meet the needs of your student while also encouraging all students to meet higher expectations

  • Your student will be more engaged, leading to improved citizenship, leadership, social and emotional skills 

  • Our teachers are happier in their jobs, leading to enthusiasm in their teaching and better relationships with you and your child

Kids Playing Tug of War

Our School Values

  • ACHIEVE: Persevere to overcome difficulty and always do our best

  • COOPERATE: Work together as a team so that we can lift each other up in success

  • RESPECT: Respect each other, our teachers and our environment

  • HAVE EMPATHY: Treat others with kindness and compassion

  • BE ACCOUNTABLE: Take ownership of our actions and how they impact others

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