Meet Our Team

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Our Teacher-Leaders

Kayla Pelt
Director of Academics
and Co-Teacher


Kayla Pelt has worked in elementary education for almost a decade. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Arkansas State University and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from University of Oklahoma. She was a fourth grade public school teacher for several years and also served in administration for the largest school district in Oklahoma. In 2021, she moved to Spain to teach English abroad and enjoyed working with English Language Learners, while experiencing a new culture and lifestyle. She has loved working with students of all ages from diverse backgrounds.


Kayla is looking forward to an exciting year with Catch a Star Academy and building relationships with Aurora families. She knows that school needs to look different for students who are struggling in the traditional classroom and are in need of extra support. She is excited to teach in a school that values the small classroom setting and real-life learning experiences.

Rachelle Wilson
Director of Community Engagement
and Co-Teacher


Rachelle Wilson has over a decade of experience in education. She graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor's degree in Education in 2009. From there, she began her teaching career in Indianapolis Public Schools. She taught secondary humanities, and coached tennis, basketball and softball. Professionally, she served as a teacher leader, peer mentor, and an instructional coach. In 2017, Rachelle moved to Crestone, Colorado to continue her career in education. During her time in Crestone, she continued working as a teacher leader, coached basketball, and became the Outdoor Education Leader for her school. 


Rachelle is excited to be part of the Catch a Star Academy team and to have the opportunity to make a real impact on students, as well as the world of education as it struggles to recover from the global pandemic. She loves working with kids, and loves that she can accomplish much more with her students in the unique learning environment that Catch a Star Academy offers.

Our Founders

Liz Wright


Liz Wright has over 20 years of experience serving on the boards of directors of several nonprofit organizations, particularly organizations focused on education. She has served as Chairman of the Board of Northern Light School in Oakland, California since November 2016, and as a member of that board since 2010.  She has also served on the Board of Directors of ACE Scholarships since 2015 and on the National Advisory Board of ACE Scholarships since 2018. Struck by the inequities of our education system and the further disparities resulting from Covid school closures, Liz felt the urgent need to create an environment where children could make great academic gains in a compressed time frame to ensure they succeed in middle school and beyond. A long-time entrepreneur, Liz knows that great people can do great things, and is excited with the team they have assembled to help children reach new heights.

Mandy Atkinson


Mandy Atkinson has over 25 years of corporate and legal experience, working in senior roles in organizations throughout her career.  She has broad expertise in corporate, legal and general business matters, including corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and commercial transactions. During this time, she was also very active in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County, California. Mandy left her full–time corporate work in 2021 to allow time to pursue her passion for helping children. She now brings her extensive business experience and her dedication to future generations by ensuring the school runs with the utmost efficiency and integrity.  Mandy shares Liz's excitement in creating a small school where children can thrive and their possibilities are limitless.