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Catch a Star

Bright futures begin here

Tuition-Free Micro School
Elementary Grades 3-5


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Small School for Big Change

At Catch a Star Academy, we believe every child has the potential for a bright future.  We focus on building a solid foundation in reading, writing and math to advance the skills of elementary students. With mastery of these foundational skills, our students are prepared to succeed in middle school and beyond.

Our Learning

Recognizing the long-term consequences of falling behind in elementary school, Catch a Star’s transformational education program, Ready. Set. Reach!, allows students to develop the foundational skills they need and have confidence to thrive in the school years ahead. Whether your child is behind, ahead, or in between, Catch a Star provides personalized instruction that allows your child to reach new heights!



Catch a Star Academy is a non-profit independent school, offering families an affordable alternative for their children’s education. 


We are accepting students entering grades 3, 4 and 5 who are struggling in a traditional classroom setting. These are crucial years to master the reading, writing and math skills needed to succeed in 6th grade and beyond. Let us help your child catch up and soar!

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